Your success is our mission; look us over and see why we're the Right Choice for all your contracting needs.Your success is our mission; look us over and see why we're the Right Choice for all your contracting needs.

Green from the Ground Up Best Practices

  • Design circulation loops with small-volume branch lines.
  • Buy a high-efficiency water heater with a low lifecycle cost. Size it correctly.
  • To reduce waste, use an on-demand circulation system that primes the host water line when hot water is needed. Avoid systems that circulate hote water continuously.
  • In a trunk and branch system, make branch lines no larger than 1/2-in. dia. and no more than 10ft. long.
  • Insulate hot water lines.
  • Reduce the number of restrictions in hot water supply lines, which decrease the effective length of the run. Lines that include sweeping turns rather than sharp 90-degree bends have less internal turbulence and better flow.
  • Installing PEX tubing instead of copper or PVC saves time and money during construction and reduces the potential for leaks.
  • Buy water-saving appliances and fixtures.
  • Set the water heater thermostat at 120° F.

Green Plumbing

We all have the responsibility to save water and reduce energy consumption and a great way to achieve this is by utilising green plumbing techniques.

Did you know? 1mm of rainfall over 1 square meter of roof area will produce 1 litre of water. Two downpipes will often service a roof area of about 100 square metres - this means that 600mm of rainfall can produce around 60,000 litres of water. That's enough water to fill a 5000 litre tank 12 times over!

Did you know? Toilets use up to 19% of household water consumption.

Average Family Home Consumption

Did you know? Up to 35% of household water was used on gardens and lawns (prior to water restrictions).

Did you know? Install solar hot water and you could save up to 80% of your energy costs for water heating and reduce your family's CO2emissions by up to 3 tonnes per year.

Green plumbing consists of environmentally friendly and sustainable plumbing solutions including rainwater tanks, storm water systems, solar hot water, grey water systems, water recycling and water saving devices.

You may be looking to capture rainwater for irrigation or watering your garden, laundry use, toilet flushing, or commercial applications, or you might like to reduce your carbon emissions and energy use by installing solar hot water.

Whether you are a suburban family, rural user, commercial/industrial user, school, sporting body, architect, builder, renovator or government user, EPC INDIA will tailor the right environmental plumbing solution to suit your needs and budget.
We are qualified and experienced plumbers. We will supply and professionally install the environmental plumbing solution that meets your requirements and budget. The professionals at EPC INDIA Plumbing division will provide you with the necessary practical advice to enable you to make a difference to the way that you use one of our most precious resources.

We provide you with all the information that you need to take advantage of any Government rebates that might be applicable to your new services upon completion of the job.

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